Huk Pang
Year : 2018
Type : Romantic, Comedy
Director : Theeradej Saphanyou
Actor : Kong Huirai / Ble Pathumraj / Zac Chumpear / Lumyai Haitongkum / Tanya R-Siam

    Isaan Culture includes many prominent identities which have been inherited for a long time. One of the outstanding cultures is “Mor Lam” which sustains honorable careers to its ascendants.

    “Sorn” is an indy and humorous leading actor of “Kru Pol” Mor Lam group. His skill is no inferior to others. Nevertheless, his broken heart is causing him to lose his job. “Toan” is a simple and calm. He respects “Sorn” like his own brother. “Toan” has an exceptional esteem from “Kai Mook”, “Kru Pol” ’s beautiful daugther. She is hiding her love from “Toan” because she wholly knows that “Toan” is actually loving on “Pim”, a descendant of the elders “Phu” and “Porn” who wish to setup a prosper marrige for their daughter.

    Other than the objection from “Pim”’s parents, one of the biggest enemy of “Toan” is “Sab”, a nasty Southern boy. Whilst, this romance war starts by entitling “Sorn” as the judge, both “Toan” and “Sab” are also paving the way to their dream as famed and successful Mor Lam artists by fighting through the aristocrat “Narong” and his bad company.